DIY Cotton Kitchen Towel Gift Wrap

DIY Cotton Kitchen Towel Gift Wrap

Let’s face it. Gift wrap is expensive. It is torn off immediately and thrown away. What a waste! We’ve discovered the best sustainable, gift wrap hack ever! Watch our video above for a quick tutorial on DIY cotton kitchen towel gift wrap using one of our oversized flour sack kitchen towels. We’ve also included detailed step by step instructions below.

Step 1.

Fold two opposite corners in slightly towards the center. Lay your book evenly between the two corners.

Step 2.

Fold both sides to meet each other. Overlap the edges slightly for a clean, fresh look.

Step 3.

Grab both ends with either hand and scrunch up the remaining fabric.

Step 4.

Tie the ends together and then double knot to secure the hold.

Step 5.

Add your own special touch like wooden spoons and greenery!


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